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From 1963 to serve our customers and nature

Hortamed S.L. was founded in 1963. The history of Hortamed is the result of a collective effort of women and men to build an establishment where quality, traditional values, and latest processing techniques were of top priority of the company.

Currently, the factory produces two sizes of natural canned artichokes: 3kg and ½ kg. However, soon the range of products will include roasted peppers as well.

Hortamed is built on a site 11.500 m2 and his establishment has been improved year by year, in aims to achieve a more efficient production and ensure a successful future for the company.

The manufactory is located in the strategic position of Huerta de Murcia, next to Cartagena and Valencia’s harbor, and by the side of Murcia-Alicante’s highway. This location makes any logistical movements from and to the company easier.

Artichoke: a very good health ally

With its unmistakable flavor, the artichoke can serve as an essential ingredient in our diet and for our health. It is a source of B vitamins and minerals, which makes the artichoke a good agent against high blood sugar, proper functioning of the liver, cholesterol’s reduction and, last but not least, the artichoke represents a good diuretic. These features make the artichoke one of the most consumed ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, as well as an assistant in maintain homeostasis. 

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