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Hortamed, S.L. was founded in 1996, but his historical roots are from 1963, when Carmelo Larrosa Ruiz, father of the current managing directors, used to make artichoke quarters and artichoke bottoms from the Blanca de Tudela variety. He made an effort to create jobs in the Huerta de Murcia area and to respond to the rising demand of natural and healthy products.

The core of Hortamed’s philosophy is to responsibly manage his business as to generate an income for the company, satisfying its customers (initially Mediterranean farmers) and, last but not least, the community’s needs. This idea made Hortamed a trustworthy company for more than 50 years in the Spanish scenario.

About our team

Hortamed makes sure the generational replacement preserves its traditional values and considers its teamwork as the strongest point of the company. For this reason, we make many investments in continuing education, and promote gender equality and cross-cultural interrelations in order to keep a long-term relationship with our workers.

With our costumers

Hortamed’s main goal is simple: to contribute to the nutrition, heath and welfare of the world community, through an offer of natural, flavorful and high-quality products. For this purpose our catalogue is full of natural canned artichokes: hearts, bottoms, quartered and sliced hearts format. In addition, we offer seasoned quartered hearts and a special roman-style’s artichokes with stem. Soon we will be able to offer roasted peppers as well.